A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

13 de Janeiro moves into cargo transportation sector 26 Agosto 2014

The ship 13 de Janeiro began its first reconnaissance trip to all of Cape Verde’s sea ports this Monday, August 25, in anticipation of its owner’s plans to turn the vessel into a cargo ship. The boat departed from São Vicente for the island of Sal, after which it will head to Boa Vista, Santiago and Fogo. The 13 de Janeiro will operate among all of Cape Verde’s islands in order to facilitate the transportation of cargo in the archipelago.

13 de Janeiro moves into cargo transportation sector

The ship will help respond to the demand on the part of businesses throughout the country, transporting cargo as well as passengers, according to João do Rosário of the Aliseu LDR shipping company, the ship’s agent. “It will provide services to all of Cape Verde’s islands, and will be a new alternative for the transportation of large volumes of cargo and vehicles, which has in the recent past been insufficient due to the shortage of ships of this scale.”

The 13 de Janeiro is 44.57 meters long, 9 meters wide and has a 500-metric ton cargo capacity – equivalent to fourteen 20-foot shipping containers – and has two freezing systems for the transportation of fish, meat and other frozen products.

Another ship returning to the seas is the Vicente, owned by the Tuninha shipping company, some six months after suspending travel for “financial reasons,” according to explanations provided at the time by the company. The vessel had been plying the Santo Antão-São Vicente route, but will not operate among the islands of Sal, Santiago, Boa Vista and Fogo. Its owners have not, however, ruled out the possibility of making trips to Santo Antão, if the need arises.

With the two vessels’ return to the water, inter-island transportation will see some relief with regards to the circulation of cargo and vehicles. Indeed, since the Pentalina B ran aground on June 5, the country has had no large-scale cargo vessels to ship goods on a large scale, with only the Mar de Canal and the hydrofoils Kriola and Liberdadi operating in the sector in Cape Verde.

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