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30 Praia families receive restored houses for Christmas 25 Dezembro 2014

Some 20 families from the Praia neighborhoods of Achada de Santo António and Tira Chapéu will spend Christmas under new roofs this year, and all of them consider this a wonderful Christmas present.

30 Praia families receive restored houses for Christmas

In the districts of Brasil, in Achada de Santo António, and Tira Chapéu, some 30 families will be now be able to live with greater dignity and better living conditions. With financing from the Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Management, the associations Amigos do Brasil and Amigos de Tira Chapéu restored approximately 30 houses, handing them back to their residents this Wednesday, December 24.

Widower Justino Fernandes was one of those who benefited from the program. After his wife’s death, he began sharing his home with two of his sons, but the roof ended up caving in some time ago. Now, with the help of the Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Management’s “Reabilitar” program, in partnership with the Amigos do Brasil Association, his house has been restored and fitted with a bathroom and a water and sewage hookup. “This is a great Christmas present!” he exclaimed.

Minister of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Management Antero Veiga says that the government’s objective is to restore some 16,000 homes throughout the country before the end of the current legislature in 2016.

According to Veiga, “dignity must be total, it cannot be partial. If we provide help in the rehabilitation of a home, we want this home to have a bathroom, a kitchen, and hookups to the water and sewer networks. So it is within this global perspective that we prefer to restore fewer houses but with greater dignity, rather than move forward solely in terms of quantity.”

In addition to the physical conditions of the houses’ structure, the project includes support in the construction of bathrooms and kitchens, as well as water, electricity and sewer connections. “The objective,” says Veiga, “is to add quality to people’s lives.”

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