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ARE incorporates VAT hike into fuel and transportation prices 02 Janeiro 2015

As of January 1, fuel and urban passenger transportation prices are slightly higher due to the incorporation of the 0.5% increase in the Value Added Tax into their pricing structure. The new prices abide by the 2015 General State Budget, which determined an increase from 15% to 15.5% in the VAT in order to support those left homeless by the volcanic eruption on the island of Fogo.

ARE incorporates VAT hike into fuel and transportation prices

As such, normal diesel has risen from 108.3 to 108.8 escudos per liter, and gasoline from 128 to 128.5 escudos per liter. Diesel for electricity generation has been adjusted upward from 93.7 to 94.1 escudos per liter, while marine diesel remained at 89.4 escudos per liter, 380-octane fuel oil rose from 62.8 to 63 escudos per liter and 180-octane fuel oil rose from 61.4 to 62.8 escudos per liter.

Single Urban Collective Passenger Transportation tickets continue to be sold at 44 escudos in Praia and 43 in São Vicente.

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