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ARFA explains scarcity of sugar with shipping delays 19 Julho 2014

The shortage of sugar on the Cape Verdean market is due to successive delays by the cargo ships bringing the product to Cape Verde since mid-June, according to Ana Santos, the director of Food Security at the Pharmaceutical and Food Product Regulation and Supervision Agency (ARFA). The situation is most dire on the island of São Vicente, where the product disappeared from supermarkets two weeks ago.

ARFA explains scarcity of sugar with shipping delays

Ana Santos confirmed that there are no stocks of sugar on the island of São Vicente to sell to small-scale retailers, making the product disappear from supermarket and grocery store shelves. As a result, the price of sugar has skyrocketed on the island. In Praia, she affirmed, there is still a certain stock, but sales are being carried out in a controlled manner to avoid a sudden rise in prices.

“This entire situation was caused by ship delays. One of the ships was caught up in a traffic jam in Bissau port,” according to the official, who added that the sugar commercialized in Cape Verde comes from Brazil and is shipped through the Canary Islands before heading to our country.

Ana Santos explained that a ship carrying 1,500 metric tons of sugar is slated to arrive in Cape Verde on July 24, while a second vessel with 700 metric tons is scheduled to arrive in the first week of August. In September another, larger shipment will arrive in order to ensure the country’s stock.

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