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Assaults against tourists once again cause concern on Boa Vista 04 Dezembro 2009

After several months of relative calm, thieves have once again begun attacking tourists on the beaches of Boa Vista. Local police have registered robberies victimizing tourists on the beaches of Estoril, Chaves and Cabo de Santa Maria.

Assaults against tourists once again cause concern on Boa Vista

Two robberies took place last week in the Ribeira d’Água zone of Chaves beach. Two tourists were robbed at approximately 4:30 pm while strolling on the beach, and the assailant, who was carrying a knife, made off with a number of their personal belongings, including cameras, mobile phones and cash. Just days later, another armed robbery occurred in the same area, when a couple was robbed of various possessions at approximately 7:00 pm.

The National Police, according to Boa Vista squadron commander João Santos, gas placed officers on patrol in these zones, but admits that the measure has not been enough to avoid robberies. “The attacks have taken place when the officers are not doing patrols,” he explains.

In addition, says the commander, Boa Vista’s beaches are extremely long, which makes patrolling them more difficult. “We don’t have enough officers to patrol all of the beaches from one end to the other. And we also lack vehicles that would give us greater mobility on the beaches, such as 4x4 buggies.”

“We currently have four full-time officers for the entire island. The reinforcements that were sent to Boa Vista have been placed in the Border Service at the airport, because we currently have some 16 international flights a week. We don’t have enough police to provide this service and carry out surveillance of the beaches as well,” he explains.

João Santos believes that, with the graduation of a new class of officers trained in Praia and the acquisition of new equipment in the near future, his corporation will be reinforced in order to minimize the problems related to robberies of tourists and homes.

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