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Cape Verde among top 6 countries in terms of growth potential in Africa 05 Agosto 2015

Cape Verde is one of six small African countries, along with Mauritius, Rwanda, Botswana, Ghana and Namibia, with the highest growth potential on the continent. The site "How We Made It In Africa" compares this small group of countries with Singapore, which is small and has no natural resources or space for agriculture, but which has an economy that refuses to stop growing, especially given the fact that it serves as a platform for exports.

Cape Verde among top 6 countries in terms of growth potential in Africa

The on-line portal writes that these countries have an advantage over the huge markets of Nigeria and Egypt. Ben Longman, the director of Trendtype, a company that has carried out the market research studies in Africa, explains why these small countries stand out, but does not point to any specific area for Cape Verde.

“Rwanda and Mauritius, for example, are both positioning themselves as future financial services hubs. Ghana, Namibia and Rwanda are positioning themselves as future transport or logistics hubs. Botswana has ambitious plans to become the global diamond hub for the diamond trade. Ghana has aspirations of becoming the African IT hub,” according to the article.

The company analyzed the different factors playing in favor of smaller markets that will never offer the opportunities that do those of countries such as Nigeria, Egypt or Democratic Republic of Congo, and concluded that one of the most accessible markets is that of Côte d’Ivoire. The country features a strong retail network that attracts considerable resources and investments, namely in order to improve its logistics infrastructure.

Longman also praises Botswana, specifically its stability, accessibility and infrastructures, which make the country a market niche of reference in Africa.

The complete report may be found at: http://www.howwemadeitinafrica.com/the-most-attractive-niche-markets-in-africa/49702/

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