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Cape Verde and East Timor sign visa exemption accord 22 Julho 2014

Cape Verde and East Timor have signed two accords in Dili, one of which exempts citizens of either of the two countries from entrance visas for the other. The other accord establishes bilateral consultation mechanisms. The Ministers of Foreign Relations Jorge Borges (Cape Verde) and José Luís Guterres (East Timor) represented their respective states at the ceremony.

Cape Verde and East Timor sign visa exemption accord

The visa exemption accord for ordinary passports applies to citizens from either of the countries who travel to the other on tourism, personal visits or business for a period of up to 90 days. According to Jorge Borges, “the accords allow for greater circulation of makers of culture, scholars, thinkers and others. Cape Verde is investing in the development of human resources and, as we have a certain degree of experience in this area, we can now share it with our brothers in East Timor.”

The establishment of bilateral consultation mechanisms, for its part, arises from the desire to promote and enhance bilateral relations on regional and international issues of common interest. As far as the Memorandum of Understanding regarding the Educational Cooperation program that includes projects soon to be initiated or already under way in the areas of Education, Higher Learning and Science between the two countries, “there are three areas we have defined as important for our cooperation program: human development, higher learning and innovation,” reveals Borges.

In the area of human development, the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding that Borges believes will eventually result in an accord. In the realms of Higher Learning and Innovation, the minister explains that there are already Cape Verdean specialists working in East Timor, mainly in the areas of justice and customs. The two governments now hope to expand these relations in to the educational sector as well.

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