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Cape Verde registers seven imported cases of malaria 03 Setembro 2015

Cape Verde has registered seven cases of malaria nationwide so far this year. One of the cases was identified on the island of São Vicente, another on Sal, and the remaining five on Santiago. All are “imported” cases from other African countries, according to António Lima Moreira of the integrated program for the fight against diseases transmitted by vectors, health problems and the environment. Despite surveillance work, the treatment of mosquito breeding spots and control measures in the country’s airports, Moreira calls upon the population to reinforce care with hygiene and avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes and illnesses that can arise during this time of year.

Cape Verde registers seven imported cases of malaria

António Lima Moreira says that the Ministry of Health has an active vigilance plan in partnership with the country’s municipal governments, ministries, health delegations and Civil Protection Service, and which will be strictly followed until the first quarter of next year. According to Moreira, authorities have determined that some cases of malaria arise at the end of one year and the beginning of the new year, although the seven cases detected so far in 2015 were all registered prior to the beginning of the rainy season.

Moreira stresses that health agents will be on the ground to “attack” mosquito larva concentration sites, but says that the fight has been an arduous one given that many houses and ruins are closed, which ends up making health workers’ job much more difficult. Despite efforts to raise families’ awareness, António Lima Moreira affirms that many people fail to heed the recommendations of health workers, especially with regards to the care to be taken with utensils and with standing water.

As such, Moreira calls on the population to collaborate with authorities and enhance care with hygiene in order to avoid the proliferation of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, as well as diarrheic diseases, which also spike during this time of year. Last year, Cape Verde registered 46 confirmed cases of malaria, 24 of which were autochthonous and 22 imported. Two deaths were caused by malaria in Praia.

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