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Cape Verdean coffee has high potential on international market, according to Luís Moreno 10 Junho 2015

Luís Moreno, a consultant for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), said Tuesday that Cape Verdean coffee is arousing increasing interest on the international market. According to a FAO study carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Rural Development and the Agency for Business Development and Innovation (ADEI), the country’s coffee falls within a specific market (single-origin coffee) in vogue in Europe due to the specific characteristics of the coffees coming from a given geographical space. As such, Cape Verde’s coffee has considerable export potential.

Cape Verdean coffee has high potential on international market, according to Luís Moreno

“Cape Verde should make a major investment in the production of coffee so as to give value to this potential, since the international market, particularly the European market, has shown increasing interest in this product. However, to take advantage of this marker, the entire production structure needs to be improved,” according to Luís Moreno.

The FAO consultant affirms that the country’s climate and characteristics favor coffee growing and, considering the international recognition coffee from the island of Fogo enjoyed in the past, Moreno believed it possible to recover the lost prestige.

According to the study on the coffee value chain in Cape Verde, the quality of the country’s coffee is higher than that produced in the conventional manner and has very particular, specific characteristics. The investigation encompassed the area of agricultural production, industrial processing and commercialization, and was carried out through a project specifically aimed at adding value to and increasing the prestige of Cape Verdean coffee.

The objective is to recover and add value to coffee growing on the islands of Fogo, Santiago, Santo Antão, São Nicolau and Brava, cultivate new plantations and manufacture a coffee able to be exported to specialty markets. Another target is to enhance the technical capacity of producers and workers for the production, sale and export of Cape Verdean coffee.

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