A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

Cape Verdeans in US question José Maria Neves on Cape Verde’s acceptance of Guantanamo prisoner 13 Julho 2010

Prime Minister José Maria Neves, who is currently visiting the United States, was confronted by a number of Cape Verdean émigrés regarding Cape Verde’s decision to accept a prisoner from Guantanamo prison. José Maria Neves essentially confirmed the information made public by A Semana, stressing humanitarian reasons to justify his government’s acceptance of the individual, who hails from Syria.

In his meetings with Cape Verdeans residing in the United States, José Maria Neves has been questioned regarding his government’s decision to accept having a Guantanamo prisoner relocated to Cape Verde. The issue was mentioned, among other occasions, on Saturday, during a meeting with Cape Verdean university students in Boston, Massachusetts.

José Maria Neves told the audience at UMass Boston that, for the time being, the issue is being dealt with discreetly and without alarm. Even so, he confirmed that the prisoner in question, a native of Syria, will lead a normal life when he arrives in Cape Verde. Also present at the meeting, Cape Verde’s Minister of Justice, Marisa Morais, added that the man in question suffers from health problems.

Carlos Veiga, the leader of opposition party MpD, also said during his visit to the United States of America last week that his party was consulted on the matter, and guaranteed that the MpD is in total agreement with the American government, which made the request to Cape Verde approximately one year ago. The dossier on the prisoner’s transfer was concluded during the visit to Cape Verde by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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