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Cape Verdeans renew hopes for rains in the coming days 03 Agosto 2015

Forecasts are predicting rain for the next five days, occasionally accompanied by thunderstorms, throughout the entire archipelago of Cape Verde. On Thursday, August 6, precipitation is expected on all of the country’s islands, with the most intense rains expected to fall on Santiago, Maio, Fogo and Brava.

Cape Verdeans renew hopes for rains in the coming days

According to specialists, this year the rainfall that could save the harvest season in Cape Verde will derive more from atmospheric phenomena that will form in the Atlantic near the islands than from the climactic outlook in the West African Sahel region, on which Cape Verdean authorities normally base their forecasts. And the news in recent days of a low-pressure system located some one hundred nautical miles southeast of Cape Verde has proven the theory that the more tropical storms liable to become hurricanes in the Americas form in the region, the greater the possibility is of rain in Cape Verde.

The first tropical wave (Invest 94-L) this year continues to develop as it moves West in the open ocean, creating the possibility of rain and thunderstorms in Cape Verde over the next five days.

Showers are predicted this Monday for the islands of Santiago, Maio, Fogo and Brava. The next two days are expected to see cloudy skies with the possibility of precipitation of varied intensity, occasionally accompanied by thunder.

Thursday, August 5 is expected to see strong rains throughout the country, with the greatest intensity in the southern islands of Santiago, Maio, Fogo and Brava.

Precipitation has been constant in several parts of the islands of Santiago, Fogo and Brava. Farmers have long been preparing their lands and sowing seeds, and, even with this late start to the rainy season, have not lost their hope for a good harvest.

According to a forecast from Agrhymet, the regional center that studies weather patterns in the Sahel region, of which Cape Verde is a part, meteorological data indicates that rains this year will not be as abundant as in previous years. But Cape Verdeans are well aware of the mysteries of nature and are confident in a good harvest season.

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