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Electra CEO calls ADECO’s accusations “dangerous slander” 23 Mar�o 2012

“Electra does not have the capacity to manipulate any price. Our electricity and water invoicing model is transparent.” This was the reaction of water and electricity utility Electra’s CEO, Alexandre Fortes, to accusations leveled by consumer defense association ADECO, which claimed that the company uses a computer program known as ELAG to increase the amounts on its bills and jeopardize consumers.

Electra CEO calls ADECO’s accusations “dangerous slander”

Defending the company from ADECO’s accusations, the Fortes affirms that the electricity sector in Cape Verde is regulated by the Economic Regulation Agency (ARE), which is the entity that sets prices. As such, he confirms that the software is reliable and will continue to be used.

Alexandre Fortes admits that there may be discrepancies between some invoices, but challenges ADECO to present solid proof of its accusations, and invited customers to make their way to the company’s posts to lodge any complaints that may have regarding the amounts they have been billed.

“We invite anyone to go to Electra’s installations to see how the program works. We will gladly show the efforts being made to improve services and provide quality services. But we will not allow any entity to slander a company that is in a difficult situation due to the poor behavior of its consumers,” he says.

“ADECO,” according to Fortes, “sees Electra as an enemy. But we consider ADECO a partner that should play a very strong educational role to alert consumers and support us in our policy of informing and educating our clients,” says the CEO, who claims that Electra’s problems stem from energy losses, illegal electricity hookups and the late payment of bills.

Fontes also guarantees that the company will intensify its efforts to cut off electricity to consumers with bills in arrears.

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