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Electra dismantles illegal electrical grid serving 60 homes in Mindelo 03 Mar�o 2012

Water and electricity utility Electra has dismantled an illegal electricity and water grid serving at least 60 shanties and houses in the Ribeirinha neighborhood of Mindelo, on the island of São Vicente. A total of 16 individuals suspected of electricity and water theft were identified by police and arraigned by São Vicente district court.

Electra dismantles illegal electrical grid serving 60 homes in Mindelo

The action came as part of a plan elaborated by Electra aimed at inspecting electrical hookups in São Vicente’s various zones in order to combat the theft of electricity and water, control unnecessary energy loss in the electrical grid and raise the population’s awareness regarding the need to obtain water and electricity in a legal manner in order to increase safety standards.

Following its first intervention, Electra technicians visited the neighborhoods of Lombo de Veneno and Tchetchénia, where an addition 24 houses were found to be consuming electricity illegally. Two individuals were arrested and taken before a São Vicente district court judge for arraignment. The trial of the 16 individuals charged with electricity theft has been set for March 9.

The interventions are being carried out by Electra technicians, often with the collaboration and support of the National Police.

Electra has highlighted the actions developed by the National Police Criminal Investigation Brigade, which, it says, has been alert to irregularities and has identified various zones in which illegal grids have been established.

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