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Fare hikes on domestic flights beginning in June 19 Maio 2015

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines will increase fares for tickets on all inter-island (domestic) flights beginning on June 2. The price hike will be as high as 27% on some routes, namely between São Vicente and the islands of Sal and Santiago.

Fare hikes on domestic flights beginning in June

The price of round-trip tickets between the islands of São Vicente and Santiago will go from 18,080 escudos to 23,050 escudos. The round-trip cost of flights between the islands of Sal and Santiago is similar.

The price of tickets between São Vicente and São Nicolau will go up 2,101 escudos to 14,350 escudos, a 17% increase.

Based on information A Semana Online has been able to gather, TACV also plans to increase the fares on its international routes – which are already considered excessive – as well. These new ticket prices are also expected to go into effect this summer.

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