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Fogo ring highway officially unveiled 21 Julho 2014

Thirty-one kilometers of asphalted road on the Fogo ring highway linking the city of São Filipe to the town of Campana Baixo (to the north) and Monte Barro (to the south), which were concluded approximately one month ago, will be officially unveiled Wednesday, July 23, by Prime Minister José Maria Neves.

Fogo ring highway officially unveiled

The project was initially intended to link up the island’s three municipalities, with a total extension of 80 kilometers, but financial and other difficulties have meant that the stretch of improved road to be the object of Wednesday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony will be only 31 kilometers long.

Construction work on the project began five years ago. The asphalted road reaches as far as the town of Campana Baixo to the north of the city of São Filipe, while to the south it reaches Patim, some 10 kilometers from the city.

Minister of Infrastructures and the Maritime Economy Sara Lopes recently affirmed that the government was holding discussions with financers on how to close the ring, asphalting the remaining 49 kilometers of road left.

The work carried out on the Fogo ring highway is budgeted at more than four billion escudos, some 40% of which was guaranteed by the government through the National Treasury, and the rest of which came from the OPEC Fund, the Kuwait Fund and the Arab Bank for African Economic Development.

Although the project has not met its initial objectives, tourist businesses as well as drivers in general see the road as one of the most important infrastructure projects carried out on Fogo in recent times.

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