A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

Four men suspected of sexual abuse of minors arraigned on Santo Antão 12 Novembro 2015

Four individuals were taken before a Paúl district court judge on the island of Santo Antão this Wednesday, November 11, on charges of sexual abuse of minors and child pornography. The victims are six underage boys with ages ranging between 7 and 12 from the Chã de Canela district of Figueiral.

The individuals suspected of sexually abusing the children and engaging in child pornography are all natives of the island of Santo Antão aged between 16 and 26. Known as Bebet, Momone, Jandir and Ravi, they allegedly used cookies and soft drinks as bait for the children, who were then encouraged to practice sexual acts among one another that were recorded on video by the suspects.

According to information gathered by A Semana Online, the activities became known as a result of an anonymous tip-off. The same source affirms that the children in question come from poor families who allowed them to remain outdoors until late at night.

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