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Fundo Galego invests 1 million euros in projects by Cape Verdean municipalities 18 Julho 2015

The Galician Cooperation and Solidarity Fund (known as the Fundo Galego) has invested one million euros in Cape Verde’s municipalities over the course of the 13 years during which it has been present in the country. The funds were channeled into various different projects, mostly on the islands of Santiago and Santo Antão and geared primarily toward social areas. The Spanish NGO now wants to extend its partnership to other islands and new areas such as education, culture and business.

Fundo Galego invests 1 million euros in projects by Cape Verdean municipalities

Cape Verde has received more funds from the Fundo Galego than any other country. Between 2002 and 2011, the archipelago was benefited with some one million euros, which were essentially invested in projects on the islands of Santiago and Santo Antão. Nevertheless, the islands of Maio, Fogo and Brava also received funds for projects, thanks to the Fundo Galego’s partnership with the National Association of Municipalities of Cape Verde (ANMCV).

According to Daniel Palau, the executive secretary of the Fund, who was recently in Cape Verde to review the actions financed by the Fundo Galego, the results of the projects financed are impressive. In recent years, the international financial crisis has affected the NGO’s budget, which dropped radically from 800,000 euros per year in 2008 to 300,000 this year, but Daniel Palau has affirmed that the Fundo Galego has no plans whatsoever to pull out of Cape Verde.

The most recent projects were developed with the Santa Cruz municipal chamber (installation of drip irrigation systems) and the Porto Novo municipal chamber (urban waste management). In Ribeira Grande de Santiago, the Fundo Galego provided funding for women’s cooperative Sulada.

Int he near future, islands such as São Vicente will see the Fundo Galego branching out into new areas of cooperation in education, culture and business.

The Fundo Galego is a public project made up of 90 of the 315 municipalities in the Galicia region of northwestern Spain, which work as a network on the fund. This year it will marks the 18th anniversary of its creation, and for 13 years the Fund has been working with Cape Verde, the only African nation currently benefiting from its actions.

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