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Government creates GBV victim support fund 05 Outubro 2015

Victims of gender-based violence can now get help to change their lives, with the creation by the government of a Gender-Based Violence “Support Fund.” The autonomous fund is intended to pay for expenses related to the fees for lawyers defending victims of domestic violence.

Government creates GBV victim support fund

According to Resolution nº 97/2015 of October 1, the newly instituted Support Fund will pay 50% of the court costs of proceedings initiated under the auspices of the law regulating measures aimed at rendering the principles of gender equality effective. 15% of the revenues generated by the management of real-estate seized by or lost to the State is to be channeled into the fund.

The resolution says that the fund should provide an amount that may allow GBV victims to pay for urgent expenses incurred as a result of the act of aggression suffered. “Alongside these urgent expenses, Support Fund revenues are also aimed at financing maintenance for offices, victim support centers and shelters, as well as the implementation of recovery, psychological and psychiatric support, education and prevention programs,” according to the resolution.

The support also ensures social, material, psychological, legal and medical assistance for victims of gender-based violence. Legal counseling is “crucial” for domestic violence victims, “regardless of their economic condition,” clarifies the resolution, stressing that, with this, victims and their families may have an active role in the process.

The fund is also intended to support victims in cases in which defendants cannot afford any fines they have been ordered to pay as a result of convictions. The fund is to be managed by the Cape Verdean Institute for Gender Equality and Equity (ICIEG).

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