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Government gives new owners keys to 122 housing units in Calheta and Ponta d’Água 21 Dezembro 2014

Prime Minister José Maria Neves will preside this Sunday over two ceremonies in which the keys to the homes in two low-income housing blocs will be handed over to residents of Calheta de São Miguel and the Praia neighborhood of Ponta d’Água. The beneficiaries of the apartments, built as a part of the government’s “Casa Para Todos” (“A Home for Everyone”) program, will be able to spend Christmas in their new homes.

Government gives new owners keys to 122 housing units in Calheta and Ponta d’Água

The first ceremony is scheduled to take place at 3:00 pm in the city of Calheta, in the municipality of São Miguel. The São Miguel housing complex cost a total of 166,222,277 escudos and contains 50 housing units.

The Ponta d’Água building, the unveiling of which is scheduled for 6:00 pm, contains 72 apartments. The Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Management explains that work on the building began in February 2013 and concluded in August of this year, representing investments of some 273,971,000 escudos.

According to the government, the two housing projects contain all basic infrastructures, including plumbing, sewage, electricity, public illumination, rain water drainage systems, pavement, a playground and green spaces.

“These are undertakings that help ensure integration into the social and urban fabric, providing residents and users with a series of social and urban facilities and equipment,” stresses the government.

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