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Halcyonair employees with five months of wages unpaid 07 Mar�o 2012

The employees of private airline Halcyonair working at Praia International Airport submitted a complaint to the Directorate General of Labor this Tuesday, informing the government department that they have not been paid their wages for the past five months. In the document, the employees highlight that fact that all of them have a fully valid contract with the company.

Halcyonair employees with five months of wages unpaid

Those signing the complaint affirm they have rigorously fulfilled the contractual commitments they took on with their employer. They acknowledge the airline’s recent constraints and their repercussions on its financial situation, but stress that the company is not fulfilling its contractual obligations with them, resulting in financial, moral and psychological problems for workers and their families.

In their letter, the Halcyonair employees state that, although labor legislation stipulates that wages should be paid by the last business day of the period to which they refer, to date they have not received their salaries for the month of October. “The last monthly wage we were paid, for the month of September of last year, was only paid to us on December 23, 2011. Since then, we have not seen any more wages paid,” they reveal.

As such, the company is currently five months late in paying its employees, and the workers have asked the Directorate General of Labor to intervene with the airline’s administration in order to regularize the situation as quickly as possible.

Despite the difficulties resulting from the non-payment of wages, the workers have expressed their willingness to meet with the company’s representatives in the presence of Directorate General of Labor mediators and the union representing them, SITTHUR, in order to find a negotiated and compromised solution.

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