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High temperatures hamper gas pumps in Porto Novo 04 Maio 2015

The pumps at gas stations in the city of Porto Novo have been working at half-speed for the past three days due to the high temperatures being felt in the southern half of the island of Santo Antão since last Thursday.

High temperatures hamper gas pumps in Porto Novo

A number of drivers sought out A Semana Online to express their irritation with the situation, for they say the explanations given at the service stations are not convincing.

“All they tell us is that when it’s hot out, the pumps don’t work, because both Shell and Enacol import the gasoline that’s used in other countries in the winter. We found this explanation strange, because the fuel companies know what the climate in Cape Verde is like and that it’s hot all year round,” they say.

A Semana Online has learned from its contacts with several gas stations in Porto Novo that they have only been selling gasoline early in the morning or at night, when thermometers register temperatures below 30º.

Porto Novo has seen temperatures of nearly 40º in the past several days, preventing most gasoline-powered vehicles from leaving the municipality.

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