A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

Highlights of A Semana printed edition 13 Mar�o 2015

A Semana reports this week that the winds of change are blowing hard in the direction of state port management company Enapor. Economist Carlitos Fortes, the company’s current director general, is widely believed to have ben tapped as its new CEO, replacing Franklim Spencer, who will, from now on, respond solely for the coordination of the operational nucleus of the Sea Cluster. Jorge Maurício, meanwhile, will step down as delegate administrator of Mindelo sea port.

Highlights of A Semana printed edition

In political news, the names of Carlos Delgado and Leonesa Fortes have been tabled to head the ruling PAICV’s election ticket for the island of Santo Antão, but only one will be chosen to top the list. Former Paúl mayor Vera Almeida is also being “wooed” by party members inside and outside of Paúl to join the party’s ticket on the island.

Also in the political field, the leader of the PAICV’s representation in the municipality of Ribeira Grande de Santo Antão has accused the local MpD, which is the majority in the municipality, of preventing the holding of ordinary sessions of the municipal assembly. Armindo Cruz says that the municipal assembly has not held a single session in three months and places all of the blame for the anomaly on municipal assembly speaker Arlindo Fortes. Fortes, for his part, justifies the postponements with the need to “contain expenses.”

A report in this week’s printed edition of A Semana reveals that two French investors are illegally operating a hotel, “Casa de France,” on Topo beach in the municipality of Porto Novo (Santo Antão), without any heed whatsoever to the proper authorities. The corporation Porto Novo Investimentos SA, the owner of the enterprise built less than 50 meters from the shoreline, never requested a license from the Maritime and Port Authority, the only entity authorized to approve constructions in zones located in the public domain of the state. The enterprise also pays no municipal or federal taxes, and has, in flagrant violation of Cape Verdean law, established a de facto private beach, where uninvited guests risk facing a pack of guard dogs.

In other news, A Semana touches once again on the Silmac case, reporting that the Fiscal Police investigation to determine if its agents facilitated the removal of a cargo of signaling lights belonging to security company Silmac from Mindelo sea port in the middle of the night was inconclusive. No one has been held accountable, as the main Fiscal Police agent involved was not questioned by the investigator leading the inquiry, given that the agent who was on duty at the time the cargo is believed to have been illegally removed from the port is currently on long-term leave in the United States. Meanwhile, Director General of Customs Gunter Campos has made it known he plans to lodge a smuggling complaint against Silmac.

In social news, parents and guardians are outraged with cases of exhibitionism and violence at Roberto Duarte Silva elementary school in Ribeira Grande de Santo Antão. Two male 5th grade students at the school removed their clothing inside the classroom and, despite the presence of their teacher, showed their private parts to classmates. Neither has been punished so far. In another classroom, a 14-year-old student, who is still in 2nd grade, has been terrorizing and physically assaulting seven- and eight-year-old students. The aggressor, who is nearly twice as old as his classmates, has failed to progress due to psychological disturbances and learning disabilities.

Cultural supplement Kriolidadi announces the release of Guinea Bissauan singer Eneida Marta’s Nha Sunhu in Cape Verde. Marta, the daughter of a Cape Verdean father, is one of the most respected female voices in her country. In other cultural news, Cape Verdean poet Raquel Duarte’s work will be included in the contemporary poetry anthology Entre o Sono e o Sonho VI, which Portuguese publishing house Chiado will release March 21, International Poetry Day, in Lisbon. Already available for download is the audio-book “Traditional Stories of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries,” which brings together 16 stories narrated by illustrious voices from the lusophone world and illustrated by some of its greatest visual artists.

Sports supplement Lance reveals that the municipality of Mosteiros on the island of Fogo will host the national cross country championship this year. Cape Verdean Athletics Federation president Alfa Djaló says that the objective is to decentralize the tournament while at the same time promoting sports on the island of Fogo.

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