A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

Highlights of A Semana printed edition 17 Fevereiro 2012

São Filipe mayor Eugénio Veiga has announced his intention to resign as chairman of the PAICV’s Regional Political Commission on Fogo, according to the main feature article in this Friday’s printed edition of A Semana. At cause is the fact that the PAICV Sector Council chose Luís Pires as the party’s mayoral candidate in this year’s municipal elections.

Highlights of A Semana printed edition

Also in this Friday’s edition of the newspaper, AntónioBaptista has been chosen as the new Director General of Energy, replacing Abraão Lopes, who will now take over the Quality Management Institute, an entity set to begin operating soon.

Also in this week’s headlines, “Lígia Furtado, Zé Pote and José Jorge face new charges,” this time for alleged active corruption at São Vicente’s Ribeirinha prison, where they are serving sentences for drug trafficking and racketeering. Also according to this Fruday’s A Semana, the Public Ministry has requested São Vicente district court find lawyer Amadeu Oliveira not guilty of the charges of violation of court secrecy and illegal exercise of the legal profession pending against him.

Also in the realm of justice, A Semana reports that the Court of Accounts has ordered former Paúl mayor and four local councilmen to return some 600,000 escudos to the municipal treasury. The amount corresponds to “unduly attributed” subsidies paied to students from the municipality in 2001.

Today’s printed edition also paints a portrait of the fishing industry in Cape Verde, a sector that represents the daily bread of thousands of families in the country. The supplement reveals numbers and figures and contains interviews, reports, opinion pieces and portraits of individuals throughout the country in an effort to show the challenges facing the sector and point the way towards possible solutions.

Sports supplement Lance reports that Cape Verde will host the firsty International Adapted Physical Forum between March 5 and 9.

In cultural news, São Vicente-based singer Gá Pizada releases her debut album, Século XXI, while Jorge Neto goes into the studio to record his next album.

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