A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1153 18 Julho 2014

“Nothing is going to dissuade the Customs Department from introducing greater transparency in the clearing of containers through customs.” This message from the Director General of Customs, Marino Andrade, is the main headline on the front page of today’s printed edition of A Semana. Andrade was responding to the complaints of business owners from the island of Sal, who claim to be suffering losses in terms of time and money with the new requirements for containers to clear customs. In Andrade’s view, the businesses are creating a “smokescreen” in an effort to continue with a procedure they find benefits them.

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1153

“The PAICV and its windmills” is the main headline in this week’s political section, which reveals that the process has begun for a possible agreement among the four contenders for the leadership of the PAICV – Cristina Fontes, Felisberto Vieira, Janira Hopffer Almada and Júlio Correia – in order to allow the party to weather the storm of the December 14 internal party elections to choose a successor to current party chairman José Maria Neves. For the time being, however, none of the candidates seems inclined to sacrifice their political aspirations on the altar of the party’s greater good.

Also in political news, the possible construction of a new airport on the island of Santo Antão is causing rifts within the MpD, with legislator Leão Lopes diverging from his party’s official opinion on what it considers a “national emergency.” Leão Lopes believes that Santo Antão already has an airport in Ponta do Sol, which merely needs to be reactivated. The atmosphere within the party has heated up as a result.

This week’s featured interview is with Portugal’s Minister of Education and Science, Nuno Crato, who was in Cape Verde to participate in a seminar on partnerships for the training of scientists within the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP). Crato says in the interview that “Cape Verde is making the right choices” in terms of higher learning.

In economic news, A Semana announces that the Ministry of Finances and Planning will not, after all, hire Amílcar Melo, a Cape Verdean banker residing in the United States who was recruited for the post of National Director of State Revenues. Minister of Finances Cristina Duarte has informed Melo that she cannot accept his demand to set his monthly base salary at US $10,000.

Meanwhile, Cape Verde has a new National Director of Budget and Public Accounting, Liliana Nascimento, who holds a degree in Management and Accounting and will replace Elias Monteiro, who submitted his resignation in February 2013 following the embezzlement of 35 million escudos perpetrated by Finance Ministry employee Yara Alfama.

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