A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1167 19 Dezembro 2014

A Semana hits the newsstands today with the news that the State of Cape Verde has decided to end its strategic partnership with Portugal Telecom (PT), which has been in effect since the privatization of Cape Verdean telecommunications company CVTelecom in 1996. The government justifies its breaking of the contract saying that the Portuguese company violated the shareholding and strategic accord by selling part of the shares it held in CVTelecom without prior authorization. The company’s Executive Board and employees have already been informed of the decision, and the government has scheduled a CVTelecom general assembly for January 2015 to elect a new Administrative Board for the country’s largest telecommunications firm.

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1167

Also in the headlines is the upcoming third edition of Miss Transvestite Cape Verde, an initiative of the Cape Verdean Gay Association that will take place this Saturday in Mindelo. A total of 17 transvestites, 12 from the island of São Vicente and five from other islands, will participate in the pageant. Vickie Cher will open the evening with a transformation performance. Revenues from ticket sales will be donated to a retirement home in Mindelo. Also in social news, A Semana reports the arrest of the Sal District Court Judicial Secretary, accused of threatening people with a firearm and causing disturbances at the emergency room at the regional hospital in Espargos. Arlindo Marques was under the effects of alcohol at the time, and those present feared their lives could be in danger if the gun went off, even if accidentally.

This week’s printed edition of A Semana also reveals that the chairman of the Regional Partners Commission on São Vicente has abandoned his post and moved to Praia without informing anyone of her decision. A commission source working with the National Program for the Fight Against Poverty accuses Marie Louise (better known as Lili) of leaving work unfinished at the commission, as well as projects under construction in various places. She is also accused of failing to present accounts from 2014 at the Organization of Cape Verdean Women, where she served as a delegate.

A Semana also reports on the outrage of a mother due to suspicions of rape voiced by a gynecologist at Mindelo’s Baptista de Sousa Hospital who carried out surgery on her six-year-old daughter’s genital region following an accident. The newspaper also reports on the case of five special education students at São Vicente’s Ludgero Lima High School who were punished with two days’ suspension after being caught masturbating inside a classroom.

Sports supplement Lance reveals that the municipality of Tarrafal de Santiago will once again hold an open-water swimming race in commemoration of Saint Silvester’s Day. The last edition of the race was held in 2012. The competition, which takes place this weekend in the city of Mangui, will feature a total of 40 swimmers from Tarrafal, Praia, São Domingos, Calheta and the islands of Maio and São Vicente.

Also in this week’s sports news, Paula Brito, Sal regional athletics champion in the 20- and 400-meter races, has been voted female athlete of the year.

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