A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1168 26 Dezembro 2014

The Christmas edition of A Semana reports that the parliamentary leader of the governing PAICV, Felsiberto Vieira, who was defeated in his run for the chairmanship of the party in internal elections on December 14, plans to remain in his position until the end of the current legislature. “With me on the parliamentary front, there will be no crises,” affirms Vieira, best known as Filú, who promises to ensure the cohesion of his party’s parliamentary group and stability for the government headed by Prime Minister José Maria Neves.

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1168

“David Hopffer Almada and Miguel Sousa join forces to form new media group” is another of the headlines on the front page of this week’s printed edition of A Semana, which reveals that lawyer Almada and former MpD legislator Sousa are spearheading a new media corporation to take shape in Cape Verde. The initiative includes a radio station, a television station, a digital newspaper and a printed weekly, which will hit the streets beginning in January. “Voz” will be the name of the company, which enjoys significant injections of Angolan and Portuguese capital.

A Semana also reports that Mário Paixão is to head the Operational Nucleus for the Aero-Business Cluster, a post he will exercise alongside his job as CEO of airport and air security company ASA.

This week’s printed edition of A Semana features an interview with Rita Alves, a Cape Verdean working in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Alves has, among other things, worked on the September 11 crisis and dealt with several sensitive and confidential dossiers. This week’s A Semana also reports that the Ebola scare has affected cruise ship traffic in Cape Verde, despite the absence of cases in the country. The Mindelo and Praia sea ports have both seen significant drops in cruise ship stops. Perspectives for 2015 are, however, more encouraging, with an increase in stops expected at both ports.

Cultural supplement Kriolidadi reports that the band Kings plans to sue producer Júlio do Rosário because of a debt of more than 8 million escudos related to the sale of CD re-releases of two of their albums, Faroeste and Na estrada da Europa, recorded in 1978. Rosário denies the accusations and says he was merely an intermediary between the Kings and R.B. Records. In theater news, the troupe Pará Mos sis staging a Santos de Casa Christmas Special this Friday and Saturday evening at the Mindelo Cultural Center in Mindelo.

In other cultural news, three dancers from the Raiz di Polon dance company –Mano Preto, Rosy Timas and Luís Vieira – are in Beijing, China for a two-week cultural exchange during which, in addition to direct contact with Chinese dance forms, they will hold workshops in Cape Verdean dance for local artists.

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