A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1176 27 Fevereiro 2015

This Friday’s printed edition of A Semana takes a behind-the-scenes look at the aid sent by various different countries and organizations to be channeled into the reconstruction of a new settlement for those displaced by the volcanic eruption in Chã das Caldeiras. But the newspaper also reports what has long been expected: the former residents of Chã das Caldeiras are returning to their former homes to live and work. A Semana’s investigation reveals that 96 million escudos have been deposited into the account opened by the government in the national treasury, and that the amount is intended to help those displaced start a new life. The first sketches of the new settlement will begin to be drawn up during the Forum for the Reconstruction of Fogo, which kicks off Monday, March 2, in São Filipe. But some aid that has been promised has yet to arrive – for example, the 150 million escudos promised by the African Development Bank, East Timor and the African Union have yet to make their way to Cape Verde.

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1176

In political news, the leader of opposition party MpD, Ulisses Correia e Silva, has reaffirmed the model to be used to choose the party’s candidates in next year’s general elections. Correia e Silva hopes all will abide by the model, which will be approved this Saturday by the MpD’s National Directorship and which comes in response to questions raised by a number of regional and veteran party leaders who fear that those removed from the main decision-making centers will be passed over when it comes time to choose the names to be included on the MpD’s tickets in the elections.

Also in this week’s news are the divisions being felt within labor union umbrella organization UNTC-CS as a result of the revision of Cape Verde’s Labor Code. The counter-proposal presented by the labor confederation will facilitate the government’s plans to lower compensations for termination of contract, be it with or without just cause. Some of the unions affiliates with the UNTC-CS – the cases of the Industry, Commerce and Tourism Union and the Union of Financial Institution Workers – have expressed their discord with the position, and have threatened to sever ties with the confederation.

On March 7, the National Statistics Institute (INE) will present the “Praia Group” to the United Nations Statistics Commission in New York. The group is a platform of experts aimed at discussing and seeking consensus on governance issues, and which has already been shown support from the High Commission for Human Rights, the OCDE, the United Kingdom, France, the Philippines, Panama, South Africa and other countries and entities. Cape Verde is leading this worldwide project and is expected to serve as its first chair, if the proposal is approved by the UN.

This week’s A Semana reports that the mandates of all of the members of the Court of Accounts have expired, beginning with its president, José Carlos Delgado, who officially stepped down in July of 2014. The same goes for judges José Pedro da Costa and Sara Boal. The most blatant case is that of counselor judge Horácio Fernandes, whose mandate expired three years ago. Despite this anomaly in one of the country’s most important institutions, however, the judges remain in their posts, handing down rulings, a situation that raises doubts regarding the legality of the court’s decisions.

Cultural supplement Kriolidadi carries an interview with Gilyto, who says that “the Cabo Verde Music Awards will be the filter between the bad music and the good music being made today in Cape Verde.” According to Gilyto, the event will take place on March 7 in Praia and will be the largest edition yet, promise its organizers. However, unsurprisingly, the nominees (chosen based on a new set of regulations) have divided opinions. Some accuse the jury of giving popularity priority over quality, but the event’s mentor, Gilyto, says the opposite is true.

Sports supplement Lance reports that on March 22, a team from Peace Run made up of 13 athletes hailing from Germany, Austria, Brazil, France, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Switzerland will being the Peace Torch to the island of Santiago, where it will be taken on a tour around the island.

In other sports news, national basketball selection player Kevin “Kony” Coronel is proving to be a key element in the success of the Imortal Basket Club, the team that is leading Portugal’s third-division basketball championship. With an average of twenty points per game, the former Académica do Mindelo athlete has stood out since his debut for the southern Portuguese outfit in October. Kony, however, has set his sights on playing in Portugal’s Professional League for Benfica.

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