A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1180 27 Mar�o 2015

The main headline on the front page of today’s printed edition of A Semana is related to the Political Office-Holders Statute, which was approved this week in the National Assembly. A Semana reveals that the State will be faced with more than 200 million escudos in additional annual spending on wages and payments for the country’s political class, now that the President of the Republic’s monthly salary has been unexpectedly increased from 170,000 to 280,000 escudos per month. The additional expenditures will be the first major impact of the new statute’s implementation.

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1180

Also on the front page of today’s weekly printed edition of A Semana, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) may penalize Cape Verde due to the fact that the country’s main Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) equipment, installed at the Coast Guard station on the island of São Vicente, is non-operational, in violation of the 1974 International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). The system has been inactive since 2012. To make matters worse, the two autonomous emergency telephones donated by the IMO have been deactivated due to failure to pay for satellite communication services.

The High Council of Judicial Magistrates has reinforced its judicial secretariats in all of the country’s judicial districts with 21 additional diligence officials, closing a cycle that began in 2013. These professionals, who are of extreme importance to court proceedings, are slated to begin working in April.

The Finance Ministry offices in the municipalities of São Vicente and Porto Novo are charging 2,000 escudos for each income declaration they provide to pensioners, in violation of a dispatch from the Director General of State Revenues. The money being illegally charged is channeled into a fund used to pay for the services’ running expenses.

This week’s A Semana reports that a 26-year-old individual accused of raping his four-year-old sister in Calheta de São Miguel, on the island of Santiago, has been remanded into custody at São Martinho prison to await trial. The crime had been taking place in the family’s home and had been covered up by the parents of the perpetrator and the victim, who were aware of what was happening but did nothing to prevent it. The case only came to light after the most recent bout of sexual abuse resulted in grave injuries that required medical attention.

On Cape Verdean Women’s Day, cultural supplement Kriolidadi brings us the experience of singer Suzanna Lubrano to discuss a social ill that continues to afflict women’s lives in the country, regardless of age or social condition. Suzanna Lubrano has recorded a song telling of her experience with domestic violence. Vitória is the name of the album being released by the artist today.

As today is also International Theater Day, Kriolidadi pays homage to Assomada-based theater troupe OTACA, which was given Mindelact’s annual Theater Merit Award this week. Founded nearly 40 years ago by a group of young lovers of the dramatic arts in the city of Assomada, the group has for decades been staging plays portraying their native region and the country as a whole, constructing an aesthetics of rural Cape Verde.

Sports supplement Lance reports that the deadline to formally announce candidacies for president of the Cape Verdean Soccer Federation is this Friday. The three individuals who have announced their intention to run for the post have until the end of the day today to submit their candidacy to the FCF General Assembly.

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