A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1182 10 Abril 2015

The controversial Political Office-Holder Statute is once again the main headline on the front page of the printed edition of A Semana. This time, it is President Jorge Carlos Fonseca who evokes the principle of the separation of powers to say that the unanimous approval of the bill in parliament should not condition his decision to veto the law, despite the opinions voiced by a number of politicians. Fonseca stressed that the 1992 Constitution enshrined the principle of the separation of powers as one of the pillars of democracy, and that the magna carta makes it clear that political office-holders must not perform their functions without regard for the people who elected them or, indeed, for other branches of government. In addition, the veto “is a weapon only to be used when recourse to the means of reconciliation have proven useless.”

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1182

Also in political news, this week’s A Semana reveals that in 2016, Cape Verde will have to mobilize nearly two billion escudos to support the expenses of its representative democracy: 1.5 billion escudos just to pay for the three elections to take place next (legislative, presidential and municipal), as well as another 350 million with the implementation of the new Political Office-Holder Statute, if the National Assembly maintains its position regarding the need to “dignify the political class.” This represents 3.2% of all General State Budget expenses and is more (101.1%) than expenses being directed to pay off Cape Verde’s foreign debt. All of this will go just to make the democratic system in effect in the country since 1991 work. But in the face of such exorbitant amounts, a number of voices have begun to call for a democracy that is “more adjusted to the reality of the country” and a social state able, through clear policies, to correct the social inequalities created by the market economy.

Also in this Friday’s A Semana is a study by CFPO Consulting revealing that the National Social Security Institute (INPS) is at risk of bankruptcy and will begin showing negative results in 2042. Unless measures are taken to revert the current situation, the INPS Reserve Fund, estimated at 44 billion escudos, will run out in 2059.

Also within the realm of controversy is the news of a letter addressed by artist Kiki Lima to Minister of Infrastructures and the Maritime Economy Sara Lopes contesting the naming of Carlitos Fortes, the former director general of fuel distribution company Enacol, to the helm of port management company Enapor, saying that Fortes does not have the profile to lead a company so vital to the country’s development. Fortes has fired back, affirming that Kiki Lima is acting in desperation because of the 12 million-escudo debt he accumulated at Enacol.

In other news, A Semana reports that criminal investigation workers at the Judiciary Police plan to go on strike for an indefinite period at the end of this month. The decision came out of an assembly of the institution’s employees who since 2011 have been waiting for the Ministry of Justice to attend to a series of demands, including the approval of a new statute, the payment of bonuses owed and career promotions and progressions.

A piece of good news is the arrival, before this summer, of a water park on the island of São Vicente – AquaFun Park, an investment by Luís Matos and Hermes Andrade, two brothers who left behind careers in music and law to devote themselves whole-heartedly to the project. Could the idea of opening a water park on an island where the resource is so scarce be crazy? “Fortunately, the Ministry of Rural Development has dug a well in the Madeiral district, which we’re going to use to supply the park,” they affirm.

Cultural supplement Kriolidadi reports that the blog Vaidosa D Mais is marking its presence at Black Fashion Week Lisboa, in Portuguese capital Lisbon. Blogger Nadine Fortes is the only Cape Verdean invited to the third edition of Black Fashion Week, which takes place this weekend at the Hotel Ritz in the Portuguese capital, and where she will display the creations of another two Cape Verdean designers, Vanessa Monteiro and Belita Carvalho.

Sports supplement Lance reports that Márcio Fernandes, world javelin vice-champion, believes he can conquer the world pre-Olympic athletics championship in Doha, Qatar, slated to take place between October and November of this year. In order to achieve his objective, the athlete is training intensively in Jamor, Portugal.

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