A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1189 29 Maio 2015

Members of the Association of Freedom Fighters (known by the acronym ACOLP) have denounced strong indications of fraud and illegitimate dealings in the process that has led to more than 500 individuals being officially considered freedom fighters since the approval, in 2013, of the new law setting a minimum monthly retirement pension of 75,000 to all of those recognized as such under the new statutes. This is the main headline on the front page of this week’s printed edition of A Semana, which reveals that the matter has been debated in the Association’s general assembly, which decided to create a commission to intervene alongside the National Assembly and the government in an effort to re-analyze the admissions and take any measures that prove necessary to correct possible irregularities.

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1189

In other news, the Public Ministry has shelved a request by judge Antero Tavares to have former Director General of Penitentiary Services Jacob Vicente tried for slander and defamation in the case related to the latter’s arrest by Judiciary Police on orders from Tavares. Tavares is not pleased with the decision to drop the case, made by prosecutor Vital Moeda, and has appealed the decision to São Vicente district court.

Also on the front page of this week’s A Semana, the High Council of the Public Ministry has decided to suspend prosecutor António Maria Claret for six months as punishment for his refusal to represent the Public Ministry in the Operation Speed Boat drug trafficking and money laundering trial in March 2013, allegedly due to illness. In other justice news, the Supreme Court has ruled as unfounded an appeal filed by one of the police officers acquitted in the case of the theft of drugs that in July 2013 washed ashore in São Miguel, on the island of Santiago. Euclides de Mello requested the annulment of the internal National Police disciplinary proceedings, which culminated in his expulsion from the corporation.

The feature report this week focuses on the environmental crime threatening Buracona, one of Cape Verde’s best-known tourist attractions. Environmentalists, businesses working with rock quarries on the island of Sal and the municipal government itself are against the opening of a new quarry just three kilometers from one of the island’s most frequented tourist attractions. The quarry is intended to provide material for the second phase of the expansion and modernization of Palmeira seaport. The opponents point out that, if the project moves forward, Cape Verde could end up just one step away from an unprecedented ecological disaster that could destroy Buracona, which sees between 300 and 500 tourists a day. The Sal municipal chamber has issued an opinion against the project, with the argument that the intended quarry lies within a protected area and is in contradiction with the Regional Territorial Management Plan. Director General of the Environment Moisés Borges, however, has downplayed the risks, explaining that the quarry has been licensed to operate in accordance with the availability of material.

In economic supplement Cifrão, Minister of Tourism, Investment and Business Development Leonesa Fortes, who will participate in the 2nd Joint Economic, Technical and Trade Cooperation Commission between China and Cape Verde, intends to facilitate partnerships between Cape Verdean and Chinese companies interested in taking advantage of marine resources, operating in the stone industry and mining salt. Fortes also hopes to bring Chinese funds to build an alternative to the traditional methods of financing high-risk enterprises.

Also in economic news, Cape Verde has once again begun exporting salt to Spain, through the firm Palmeira & Pesca Lda, on the island of Sal. In other news, the National Fisheries Development Institute (INDP) has identified a new species of mackerel in Cape Verdean waters following a capture in the Flamengos zone by a fishing vessel. The discovery was made in mid-May after the vessel João Baptista caught seven metric tons of fish at a depth of some 50 meters along the São Vicente coast.

Cultural supplement Kriolidadi reports that Armando Tito will head into the studio this summer to record his first-ever solo album. At 70 years of age, with more than 50 years devoted to music, Tito is ready to eternalize his guitar solos and his name. Longtime friend and Portuguese rock musician Rui Veloso is sponsoring the recording by making his studio available.

Sports supplement Lance reports that personal conflicts between João Sanches and Flávio Furtado may be jeopardizing both boxing in general in the South Santiago sports region and the relationship between the boxing association and the boxing federation. In other news, the regional taekwondo association is organizing its first regional championship with the participation of some 30 athletes. On the island of São Vicente, the handball playoffs are moving forward, while in South Santiago the local handball association has suspended regional games as it waits for a decision on an appeal filed by ABC alongside the Jurisdictional Council and seeks a way to pay off its debt to referees.

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