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Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1190 05 Junho 2015

Cape Verde’s Court of Accounts has ordered former São Filipe mayor Eugénio Veiga and six of his former municipal chamber council members to return 2,500,000 escudos to municipal coffers, in one of the headlines on the front page of this week’s printed edition of A Semana. The ruling states that the former mayor has three months as of June 10 to return the amount, which corresponds to subsidies and bonuses unduly attributed to members of the Municipal Technical Office and to various insufficiently justified expenses incurred in 2005 and 2006.

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1190

This week’s A Semana also reveals that the unexpected discovery of hundreds of old files that had been overlooked prior to the scanning and computerization of criminal cases in Praia and Mindelo has thrown the Justice Computer System Management Council’s calculations into disarray. Senior judge Simão Santos explains that after establishing a deadline for the conclusion of the process, the Council was taken by surprise when a significant number of other cases were sent to technicians. Some of these cases were found in prosecutor’s office files, others with the Judiciary Police.

A Semana this week features an exclusive interview with Finance Minister Cristina Duarte, who analyzes her run for the African Development Bank presidency. The cabinet minister, who came in third place in the sixth round of voting, says that her feeling is nevertheless not one of defeat. On the contrary, she says, “we had a vision, we were ambitious, we fought our struggle, and although we didn’t win the elections, gains were made. We made gains in terms of visibility, in terms of dignity, in terms of credibility.” The Finance Minister also highlighted the contribution given by Praia toward a “renewed pan-Africanism,” and refutes criticism of alleged “pre-campaign political manipulation” related to the financing of her run.

This week’s special report focuses on a protocol signed between the Association of Journalists of Cape Verde (AJOC) and Lisbon Polytechnic Institute in Portugal aimed at allowing Cape Verdean journalists to attend a master’s course in the institute’s Higher School of Media. The news has opinions divided among those in the profession. While some see the initiative as an investment on the part of the Association aimed at empowering professionals through academic qualification, others interpret the partnership as a “strategy” set up to “resolve” the problem of the status of journalists who, despite their long years of experience, have never concluded a bachelor’s degree in the area, as current professional statutes require. The underlying idea of the accord is to make it possible for journalists who do not have undergraduate degrees but do have considerable professional experience to go directly into graduate school in journalism.

A Semana reports on the creativity of a group of young people on the island of São Vicente who created a mobile ice production unit in a successful effort to beat unemployment. Using their knowledge of electricity and computer science, they intend to control the production unit remotely and, at a later phase, use renewable energies in their work. The promoters of the project are currently awaiting the go-ahead from port management company Enapor to install the machine on the island of Santo Antão – more precisely, at Porto Novo port, where it can serve local fishermen, who often have to travel all the way to the neighboring island of São Vicente to buy ice.

Cultural supplement Kriolidadi reports that singer Dina Medina plans to release her fourth solo CD before the end of the year. With the Netherlands’ This Borsten and Cape Verde’s own Toy Vieira as musical directors, the album takes the singer further from her pop roots.

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