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Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1196 17 Julho 2015

Today’s weekly printed edition of A Semana reveals that former Prime Minister and historic MpD leader Carlos Veiga is challenging party chairman Ulisses Correia e Silva as a result of a dispute for the most coveted spots on the opposition party’s legislative ticket for the South Santiago electoral circle. The epicenter of the struggle is the National Assembly, where on one side is Carlos Veiga’s wing of the party, to which legislator José Filomeno belongs, and, on the other, the legislators supporting minority whip Fernando Elísio Freire, who for his part supports Correia e Silva. The reason for the dispute is that Veiga and Filomeno, who consider themselves the party’s rightful “gurus” for Praia, are at risk of seeing their names removed from the upper slots on the ticket, which would significantly reduce their chances of being elected save for a landslide victory on the part of the MpD. Indeed, Carlos Veiga used a recent parliamentary group meeting to send a message to the party’s national leadership, saying “Let’s see which one of us is going to choose who’ll be on the tickets.”

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1196

Also in political news, A Semana reveals that the PAICV on the island o Santo Antão has concluded its ticket for the legislative elections with Carlos Delgado heading the list. At the meeting of the party’s Regional Political Commission on the island held on July 11, the PAICV also chose former Paúl mayor Vera Almeida and agronomist Odailson Bandeira to occupy the second and third slots on the party’s ticket for the island, followed by Porto Novo municipal legislator Elísio Rocha, Ribeira Grande employment center worker Élia Monteiro and Education Ministry delegate for Paúl Saturnino Baptista.

This week’s A Semana reports on the publication this month of new regulations for the transportation of dangerous materials in aircrafts in an effort to “prevent crimes and accidents during flights.” The flow of passengers and merchandise entering Cape Verde by air grows with every passing day, resulting in the need for measures ensuring the country is in harmony with international security norms.

With the entrance into effect of a new computer system in the Customs Department on August 3, merchandise will be able to clear customs more cheaply and with less bureaucracy. The Sydonia World system functions in a web environment and reduces the use of paper documentation in customs procedures to zero. In related news, the director of Mindelo sea port has requested a one-year license without pay to take the helm of private security company Silmac. Port management company Enapor will, in the meantime, start a recruiting process to find a new director for the port.

In this week’s feature report, A Semana reveals that Cape Verde has gotten its first private detective agency. Scenes of well-trained detectives filming or photographing individuals in order to discover the hidden secrets of the dark side of their double lives are no longer just fiction, and have jumped from movie screens into real life in Cape Verde. Getting “caught red-handed” is now possible in Cape Verde, ever since the company Inteligência Civil Detectives Privados Cabo Verde (Cabo Verde Civil Intelligence Private Detectives) became official in the country.

Another headline in this week’s printed edition of A Semana is related to the conclusion of Cape Verde’s first cable car, which is located on the island of Brava and will be officially opened this month. The cable car will link Ferreiros port and the village of Lomba Tantum. The good news has been applauded by all residents of the small but mountainous island, where year after year fish sellers have had to walk long distances on difficult foot paths to transport fresh fish between the two villages in question.

Lawyer interns in the city of Porto Novo have taken on a different attitude following an eight-day strike. The group had initially announced that the strike would last for an indefinite period of time, but, during their eight-day work stoppage, the local district court operated normally, despite the interns’ promise that cases requiring court-appointed defense attorneys would be blocked. Upon realizing that professional lawyer Joselito Vitória ended up taking on all of the cases in which defendants were unable to pay for their own attorney, the interns decided to cancel their strike and go back to work.

From the Cape Verdean émigré community comes the news that professor Terza Lima is preparing a university exchange between Cape Verde and North Carolina, in the United States. Between ten and twelve students from Johnson C. Smith University in the United States plan to make a study trip to two or three Cape Verdean islands. The visit is scheduled for 2017, but contacts with potential project partner University of Cape Verde (UniCV) have already begun.

Cape Verdean soccer champion Mindelense will not be able to participate in the African League of Champions due to prohibitive costs, according to the main story in this week’s sports supplement Lance. According to coach Rui Alberto, the club’s president has hinted that, despite the desire to participate in the tournament, a look at the reality of the outfit discourages investment in the competition.

In athletics, Lance reports that Adilson Spencer has begun preparing to participate in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The Cape Verdean athlete’s aspirations, however, depend on his achieving a minimum time of 2 hours and 17 minutes in the Canary Islands Ultramarathon in November.

Also in sports news, the national volleyball championship kicks off this Friday. Finally, Lance reports that Cape Verde’s Director General of Sports, Gerson Melo, has announced that the next sporting season will begin in January of 2016 instead of October of this year, as has been the norm. The change is expected to bring the sports calendar in line with the economic year in an effort to help resolve a number of economic, logistical and financial constraints that have affected sports in the country.

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