A SEMANA : Primeiro di?rio caboverdiano em linha

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1197 24 Julho 2015

The fuel tanks owned by companies Enacol and Vivo Energy, which are used to store highly flammable products, as well as the gas conduits that feed them, are a major concern to all those living in their vicinity. This is the main headline on the front page of today’s printed edition of A Semana, which reports that worries have increased of late with the recent gas leak at Praia port, leading to a fire that took hours to be brought under control and claimed the life of a Guinean dock worker caught in the flames. The fuel distribution companies, for their part, say that the deposits were built before the houses, and have attempted to reassure local residents that the tanks respect international safety standards. Both companies, however, say relocating the tanks to uninhabited areas is not in their plans.

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1197

In political news, A Semana reports that Júlio Correia and Lívio Lopes are not in the governing PAICV’s plans for the legislative ticket on Fogo in next year’s parliamentary elections. The process of the elaboration of the list headed by Eva Ortet was relatively free of controversy, according to the party’s Regional Political Commission chairman for the island, Fernandinho Teixeira. The list of names will now be submitted to the party’s National Political Commission. On Santo Antão, Jorge Santos, who in the 2011 legislative elections headed the MpD ticket for São Vicente, will head back “home” to top his party’s list for next year’s legislative elections. The changes in the MpD’s strategy for the island also include the appearance of Joel Barros, Leonildo Oliveira, Adilson Fernandes and Leana Delgado on the ticket. Current legislators Arlindo do Rosário and Leão Lopes will, for their part, not be on the ticket this time. On São Nicolau, the PAICV is placing its bets on Américo Nascimento to lead its legislative ticket.

The front page of today’s printed edition of A Semana also carries the news that the Association of Former Freedom Fighters will undergo a far-reaching restructuring process in October with the election of a new directorship. The current chairman of the administrative commission, commander Carlos Reis, who has admitted the possibility of running for the leadership of the association, promises to discuss all of the possible scenarios in order to change and lend greater dignity to the organization that represents the men and women who fought for the independence of Cape Verde.

The high concentration of fluoride present in the water consumed on the island of Brava will soon be a thing of the past with the impending conclusion of the water treatment system at the Encontro spring. The island’s population will soon finally be able to drink water fit for human consumption, without the high levels of fluoride that have long constituted a major concern for health officials.

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