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Inspectorate General of Finances to become stricter, says Finance Minister 14 Agosto 2014

The Inspectorate General of Finances has restructured its procedures, refined its methods for controlling state assets and unveiled modern and well-equipped installations in Praia’s central Plateau district, in order, according to Minister of Finances and Planning Cristina Duarte, to “fulfill its function in the oversight and control of the public trust.” For this to be the case, Duarte promised that the Inspectorate General of Finances will be reinforced with an additional eight professionals.

Inspectorate General of Finances to become stricter, says Finance Minister

Cristina Duarte says that the Inspectorate General of Finances has taken a “qualitative leap” and is now a “more active and effective” institution. At a time in which much has been said about the mismanagement of public resources, the Finance Minister’s declarations were interpreted as a message to all areas of government, from public institutes and decentralized state services to Cape Verdean municipalities.

“The Inspectorate General of Finances is today much more respected by the other areas of public administration, which have begun to understand that the Inspectorate General has access to all of the information in the system.” As such, alerted Duarte, “it’s useless to deprive it of information,” as “its access to the government information system allows it to monitor the financial activity of all aspects of Public Finances.”

The institution that is responsible for inspecting the accounts of all of Cape Verde’s public institutions on the central, regional and local level is, as such, seen in a positive light by the Finance Minister, in whose opinion “the Inspectorate General of Finances today is a more respected institution.”

Indeed, Cristina Duarte believes that Cape Verdean public administration officials are “aware that we have a more active and effective Finance Department.”

Cristina Duarte also sent a message to the employees of the Inspectorate General of Finances: “with better working conditions, motivation improves, so the state is expecting greater productivity.”

Cristina Duarte made the declarations early this week during the unveiling of the new Inspectorate General of Finances installations in Praia. As she explained, the change came due to the advanced state of degradation of the building that formerly housed the Inspectorate General, “which got to a point at which working conditions were clearly affecting the entity’s productivity. Change was necessary,” she concluded.

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