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International passenger traffic in Cape Verdean airports up 1.3% 18 Dezembro 2014

International passenger traffic in Cape Verde’s airports in November registered 1.3% growth in comparison to the same period in 2013, going from 98,212 to 99,454 passengers. Domestic passenger traffic, however, was down.

International passenger traffic in Cape Verdean airports up 1.3%

According to the coordinator of Airport and Air Security company ASA’s Communication and Institutional Marketing Office, Janine Cabral, domestic passenger traffic dropped 5.1%, from 59,911 to 56,869. Sal’s Amílcar Cabral International Airport showed the highest growth among the country’s infrastructures in November, with an 8.5% increase in international passenger traffic and a 0.7% increase in domestic traffic. Boa Vista’s Artistides Pereira International Airport registered a decline in both international (-9.4%) and domestic (-1.1%) traffic, while Praia’s Nelson Mandela International Airport experienced a 3.2% increase in international passenger traffic, as opposed to a 2.9% drop on the domestic side.

Between January and November 2014, total passenger traffic in the country rose 1% over the same period last year, with a total of 1,630,547 passengers moving through Cape Verde’s airports. Sal leads the ranking with 34.2% of all traffic, followed by Praia with 27%, Boa Vista with 22%, São Vicente with 11.6% and the country’s three domestic airports (Fogo, São Nicolau and Maio) with a combined total of 4.9%. Domestic passenger traffic over the first eleven months of the year was up 2.6%, while international traffic remained relatively stagnant.

Aircraft traffic, for its part, dropped 1.3% between January and November, in comparison to the same period last year, with a 1.8% decrease in domestic flights and a 0.6% decrease in international flights. Cargo traffic, however, rose 10.8% over the same period in comparison to last year, with a total of 3,063,673 kilograms o fair cargo transported. International cargo volume rose 13.7%, while domestic cargo was up 8.8%. The trend was similar with postal volume, which was up 18.9% globally – 4.6% in the international arena and 30.4% domestically.

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