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Lava flows stagnant as eruption appears to be winding down 06 Janeiro 2015

In Chã das Caldeiras, on the island of Fogo, gas emissions followed by explosions and the emission of pyroclastic material continue, but all of the lava flows from the current eruption, which began in late November, are stagnant, according to Sónia Silva, a specialist from the University of Cape Verde. In Silva’s analysis, the data collected by the technical staff monitoring the volcano indicates that the eruption is nearing its end.

Lava flows stagnant as eruption appears to be winding down

Sónia Silva believes that, although on December 30 and 31 there was a slight increase in volcanic activity with the emission of gas, the latest data portrays an apparently calm volcano.

The University of Cape Verde specialists, however, warn people that volcanic activity is ongoing, and recommends that they avoid approaching the recent crater, given the relative unpredictability of the phenomenon.

The volcano began erupting on November 23 of 2014, but has claimed no fatal victims. The monitoring team remains alert and is rigorously following every sign coming from the volcano in Chã das Caldeiras.

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