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Luxembourg injects 55 million escudos into renewable energy implementation plan 01 Mar�o 2012

Cape Verde’s stated objective is to have 50% of all energy consumed in 2020 produced from renewable sources. In order to help the country achieve this goal, Luxembourg has provided 55 million escudos financing to help definitively implement projects in the sector. In order to guarantee the sustainability of the sector, Luxembourg is also setting up a professional school aimed specifically at the area of renewable energies.

Cape Verde currently produces 35.5 Megawatts (28 Mw of wind energy and 7.5 Mw of solar energy) from renewable sources – in other words, some 30% of all of the electricity produced in the country, according to Minister of Tourism, Industry and Energy Humberto Brito, who also affirmed that “just with this plan financed by Luxembourg, it will be possible to fulfill the 50% goal in 2020, because we will be able to increase the current percentage, considering the perspective for the need of 300 Mw in 2017. So we have to continue implementing more projects.”

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