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Mindelact 2014 celebrates 20th anniversary of theater festival 19 Setembro 2014

Forty-two performances in 16 days – six days more than last year – and six different stages, two of them new. This is the 20th edition of the Mindelo International Theater Festival, Mindelact, which kicks off at 9:30 tonight with “Sete Pecados Capitais,” by Cape Verdean group Atelier Teatrakácia, on the main stage at the Mindelo Cultural Center.

Mindelact 2014 celebrates 20th anniversary of theater festival

“This edition will be special. The program was carefully elaborated and is steeped in mysticism, magic and emotion. We will experience moments of celebration. Multi-cuturalness, interactivity and reflection on the theater of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Cape Verdean theater will be shown to us and to the world, while the world will be shown to Cape Verde,” promise the organizers of the 2014 edition of Mindelact.

The curtain will first rise later tonight, and be drawn only three weeks later – a veritable marathon with artists from Cape Verde, Angola, Brazil, Portugal, France, Morocco, Belgium, Spain and Italy. Among the plays to be staged is “Lágrimas de Lacfádio,” which opened the first edition of Mindelact two decades ago, in 1995.

There will, however, be other “encores” as well – “the best plays that have been staged at this theater festival,” according to the directors of Mindelact. This year’s edition is also captivating, though, because the festival continues to innovate with new proposals – including “Great Monologues,” with Manuel Estévão, Marlene Freitas, Miguel Seabra, Mel Gamboa and Cadú Favero.

Mindelact also continues to peek ever deeper into the world of the dramatic arts and to provide opportunities for local artists to improve their performance skills with workshops and courses ranging from foley art, vocal techniques and artistic silence to dance, music and cinema and television techniques. This year’s program may be found at

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