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Ministry of Rural Development delegations awarded professional merit medals 12 Agosto 2014

The Ministry of Rural Development delegations in Ribeira Grande de Santiago, Praia, São Domingos, Santa Cruz, Santa Catarina de Santiago, Tarrafal de Santiago, Maio, Fogo, Brava, Boa Vista, São Nicolau, São Vicente, Porto Novo and Ribeira Grande de Santo Antão have been awarded first-degree medals of merit, in the professional merit category. With the move, the government affirms it is “praising and rewarding these services and their employees for the valuable contribution that, with their work, they have provided in favor of the development of agriculture in the country and in the improvement of people’s lives in the country’s rural areas.”

Ministry of Rural Development delegations awarded professional merit medals

The dispatch from the Prime Minister in this sense was made official on Friday, August 8, after its publication in the Official State Bulletin. Premier José Maria Neves affirms that the focus on agriculture as an attractive and profitable sector has had major repercussions in economic growth in rural areas, including in a change in the mentality of families who no longer think about producing only for their own consumption, but also on a wider perspective in order to supply the national and tourist markets.

“Making this new reality a success has been due, in large part, to the firm commitment and immeasurable dedication of the delegations of the Ministry of Rural Development, led by able, selfless delegates committed to the cause of the modernization of Cape Verde’s agriculture and the improvement in the population’s living conditions, particularly in rural areas, contributing decisively to the country’s progress and development in this sector,” writes the Prime Minister.

The executive believes that agriculture is no longer seen just as a subsistence activity, and has gradually come to affirm itself as a veritable economic activity thanks to the new opportunities and paradigms that have arisen. In this regard, José Maria Neves highlights agribusiness, which, in his view, is the result of the major investments the government has made in the sector, and which has developed in order to attract more and more Cape Verdean and foreign investors.

The Prime Minister stresses that this transformation in the countryside is due mainly to the introduction of new forms of mobilizing and storing water using dams, dikes and the mapping of watersheds. The country’s strategy has also included expanding drip irrigation techniques, introducing new production technology, improving rural extension services, facilitating transportation to isolated areas through the construction of access roads, and making available micro-financing opportunities.

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