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New Supreme Court judges named 13 Outubro 2015

Three new judges have just been named to the Supreme Court of Justice – Benfeito Mosso Ramos, who thus returns to the institution of which he was once Chief Justice, Sara Boal and João Gonçalves. The three will join Arlindo Medina, Maria de Fátima Coronel, Manuel Alfredo Semedo and Anildo Martins. One of the seven will be chosen as the next Chief Justice.

New Supreme Court judges named

The names of the three new justices were published in the October 9 edition of the Official Gazette. Some of the judges named have previously served on the Supreme Court of Justice, which until recently functioned as Cape Verde’s Constitutional Court as well. Benfeito Mosso Ramos, João Gonçalves and Sara Boal will occupy the seats left empty by Raúl Varela, who retired at 89, Zaida Lima and Helena Barreto. Lima and Barreto are now Appeals Court judges.

The Chief Justice will be selected by the seven Supreme Court judges themselves, who will submit their choice to the President of the Republic for approval. The process is expected to be relatively quick, as the opening of the judicial year, which generally takes place in the first week of October, is already behind schedule.

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