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Plateau market temporarily moves to Várzea 04 Agosto 2015

Praia’s new “temporary” central market, located in front of the Amílcar Cabral Memorial in the capital city’s Várzea district, has been operating since yesterday, Monday, and has been praised by a number of the vendors selling goods there, who highlight spatial organization as an important factor in the proper functioning of the venue.

Plateau market temporarily moves to Várzea

The number of people who have made their way to the provisional installations of the market to do their shopping is still not very expressive and is far from the flood of customers normally seen in the Plateau market, but a number of vendors contacted by A Semana Online have a positive impression of the space the Praia Municipal Chamber has improvised in front of the Amílcar Cabral Memorial to sell vegetables, fruit, meat and fish to Praia residents. The vendors we spoke to considered this initial phase well-organized.

“For the time being it’s working perfectly. We’re well organized. Now we just have to wait and see how long this organization will last,” said Magda, one of the vendors, who nevertheless had one complaint – the intense heat felt in the market, which is located under metal sheets.

Many also said the location of the temporary market was a positive factor as well.

“For us vendors, the spot is a good one, because people can easily access it. They don’t need to travel great distances as it’s close to the old market. So it has advantages and disadvantages,” said another merchant.

The location of the market, which Praia municipal authorities insist is temporary and will last only as long as the traditional Plateau market undergoes restoration work, has been the subject of many a news article and many a discussion, and the controversy has even made it to the halls of Parliament. It was also the object of an action lodged by the Ministry of Culture’s Institute of Cultural Patrimony, discouraging the municipal chamber from setting up the market in the shadow of the statue of Amílcar Cabral, the leader of Cape Verde’s and Guinea Bissau’s struggle for independence from Portugal.

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