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Political Office-Holder Statute dropped from national political agenda 14 Abril 2015

The Political Office-Holder Statute is no longer on the political agenda, at least for the current legislature. Opposition party MpD has taken its fighter out of the ring, and, as a two-thirds majority is needed to override the presidential veto it suffered, the controversial piece of legislation is now all but certain to be filed away in the name of Cape Verde’s stability. With the demobilization first of the UCID (last Thursday) and now the MpD, the legislators belonging to the governing PAICV now stand alone in defense of what all had just weeks ago called a “historic” tool aimed at “dignifying” the Cape Verdean political class. After a meeting with the members of his party’s parliamentary group this morning, MpD leader Ulisses Correia e Silva announced that “the political conditions to approve or review the Political Office-Holder Statute are not in place.”

Political Office-Holder Statute dropped from national political agenda

The MpD’s reaction comes after the UCID said it would no longer support the once unanimously-approved statute.

Ulisses Correia e Silva refused to regard the about-face as a “survival instinct” on the part of the party in relation to a statute that faced vehement repudiation on the part of Cape Verdean civil society.

But although he declined to comment on the earthquake of public opinion that ended up shaking the foundations of all party support structures, Correia e Silva did toss the hot potato into the PAICV’s side of the field, saying the party currently has “one body and three heads” and is devoid of a “valid interlocutor.” As such, claimed the MpD chairman, “what was a relationship of trust has been jeopardized.”

The MpD leader believes that, with the approval of the bill, the country’s political system, as well as parliament, have been shaken, which explains why his party has pulled out of th negotiation process with regards to the Political Office-Holder Statute.

Ulisses Correia e Silva stressed, nevertheless, that there is still a need to make the parliament operate “under conditions of dignity, considering that it lies at the epicenter of our political system.” He lamented the fact that, during this process, the parliament and its members were blemished from the point of view of public opinion, but said his party remained determined to continue to dignify Cape Verdean democracy.

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