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President says 2014 “was not an easy year” for Cape Verde 01 Janeiro 2015

President Jorge Carlos Fonseca believes that 2014 was not an easy year for Cape Verde, given than families encountered hardships that were aggravated by the poor harvest and by the volcanic eruption on the island of Fogo. The affirmation comes in the President of the Republic’s traditional year-end message, which was broadcast live throughout the country on the evening of December 31.

President says 2014 “was not an easy year” for Cape Verde

“2014 was not easy. Economic difficulties continued, unemployment stubbornly persisted and families faced considerable difficulties, aggravated by the poor harvest and by the consequences of the volcanic eruption,” declared the head of state, stressing that the Cape Verdean economy needs to see new life breathed into it.

“The economy needs new stimulation for the management of its factors everywhere there remain mechanisms of blockage and misguidance liable to result in impasse and slowdown, diversifying the mechanisms for attracting capital and adjusting strategies and objectives so that resources may be absorbed in conditions favorable to development and to the creation of wealth,” he added.

Also in his Year Year’s message, which lasted approximately 20 minutes, the head of state sent holiday wishes to Cape Verdeans and visitors. Jorge Carlos Fonseca considered the establishment in 2014 of a nationwide minimum wage a positive development, and called upon government authorities, employers and labor representatives to reach consensus on other issues, such as unemployment benefits, for the good of society.

Jorge Carlos Fonseca also saluted the fact that Cape Verde appears to be well on its way toward meeting most of the Millennium Development Goals in 2015.

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