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Ruins of São Nicolau concentration camp to be turned into cultural space 04 Mar�o 2015

The structure of the former Tarrafal de São Nicolau concentration camp, which is currently in ruins, will be rebuilt to be used as a space for cultural activities, training and education. The idea comes in a memorandum of understanding signed between the Ministry of Culture and Tarrafal de São Nicolau mayor José Freitas de Brito. The document also encompasses support for local initiatives including Carnaval, the Morna Festival and the Paulino Vieira Cultural Center.

Ruins of São Nicolau concentration camp to be turned into cultural space

According to the accord signed this Monday, March 2, the local municipal government will also work toward having the building declared a national historical monument. The Tarrafal de São Nicolau concentration camp was created in 1931 in order to temporarily house political prisoners who had taken part in the Madeira Revolt that same year, prior to the construction of the concentration camp in Tarrafal de Santiago in 1936.

The São Nicolau camp was, however, abandoned, with only part of its walls remaining. Minister of Culture Mário Lúcio Sousa explains that the intention is to re-erect the building and turn it into a space for culture, training and education.

“We should take proper care of our architectural patrimony beyond normal political administrative cycles. We’ve been doing this for some time, but we believe that there should be an official public document that obliges future elected officials to continue the work,” stressed the Minister of Culture.

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