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São Martinho prison equipped with modern security systems 01 Junho 2015

The Ministry of Justice has just equipped São Martinho prison in Praia with modern security apparatuses, including a mobile phone blocker and a new video surveillance system. The equipment, which substitute those that have not been working properly or at all for the past several years, represent the first of a series of measures that have been announced by the government in order to ensure security at the country’s largest prison establishment.

São Martinho prison equipped with modern security systems

Video surveillance systems were installed inside and outside the prison complex two weeks ago, and now a mobile phone blocker, meaning that, from now on, mobile phone calls will not be able to be made in or near São Martinho prison.

According to the prison’s director, António Maria Lopes, the new equipment will allow for closer surveillance of inmates, while at the same time guaranteeing quicker responses in critical situations in order to guarantee security in the prison establishment, which currently houses 1,108 prisoners, many of whom are serving sentences for serious transnational crimes such as drug trafficking and racketeering.

Lopes says that the additions are part of a larger Justice Ministry project that, in an initial phase, will also provide the country’s largest prison with more modern equipment, such as, for example, two-way radios. The prison’s two X-ray machines, which are also broken, will be replaced by new ones that are currently being installed.

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