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Shrimp catch potential on Boa Vista and Maio estimated at 100 tons per year 23 Mar�o 2012

Some 100 metric tons of soldier shrimp can be caught every year on the islands of Boa Vista and Maio, according to Oksana Tariche, the coordinator of PROACTIVA II, a project that is assessing the shrimp potential in Cape Verdean waters.

Shrimp catch potential on Boa Vista and Maio estimated at 100 tons per year

“Beginning tomorrow, we’re going to work on these numbers in a workshop in Las Palmas, but we can affirm that the potential encountered off Maio and Boa Vista is far superior to the estimates from the other islands,” namely São Vicente, Santa Luzia, São Nicolau and Santiago, says Tariche.

In the view of the PROACTIVA II coordinator, the study is also “an important step toward obtaining data on other types of undersea resources that could be taken advantage of in Cape Verde’s seas.”

This was the third soldier shrimp assessment campaign in Cape Verde, and resulted in rather promising data – so much so that there are already those interested in exploring the sector, according to Tariche.

“We already have requests from the private sector and from the Directorate General of Fisheries to begin working on catches, and our opinion is favorable. They can begin on the platforms that have already been assessed. And beginning in July, when we’ll be assessing the potential of the island of Sal, catches can begin throughout the entire archipelago,” she believes.

Other species in addition to the soldier shrimp were found in considerable numbers: the dentex, the smooth pufferfish and the deep-water sea bream.

The shrimp prospection project is being developed by the National Fisheries Development Institute (INDP) and the Canary Islands Institute of Marine Sciences (ICCM) in partnership with the University of Cape Verde and the University of the Canary Islands.

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