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Suspect in CECV embezzlement remanded into custody 12 Novembro 2015

São Vicente district court judge Antero Tavares has ordered former Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde (CECV) assistant manager and treasurer Heriberto “Bety” Rodrigues held in preventive custody pending his trial on charges of fraud and breach of trust.

Suspect in CECV embezzlement remanded into custody

Rodrigues is, so far, the only suspect in the case of the disappearance of more than 30 million escudos from the coffers of commercial bank Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde. The assistant manager, who was responsible for the safe from which the funds went missing, was released pending trial after his first arrest in July of this year, but this time, further investigations carried out by the Judiciary Police reinforced authorities’ suspicions that the assistant manager made successive withdrawals from the account of a 98-year-old client of the bank.

With this evidence in hand, the Judiciary Police requested a second arrest warrant. Taken before São Vicente district court on charges of fraud and breach of trust, Rodrigues was ordered held pending trial. Investigations will nevertheless continue because “there’s a lot that remains to be clarified,” according to an A Semana Online source. “It’s possible that more evidence will be found, and there are indications that other accounts may have been violated.”

On July 27 of this year, Rodrigues was taken before a judge on accusations of breach of trust. An internal bank audit carried out the month before had detected accounting discrepancies and determined that more than 270,000 euros were missing from the institution’s coffers. The bank attempted to resolve the issue internally, but 10 days later requested the assistance of the Judiciary Police.

An investigation was then begun by Judiciary Police inspectors with specialized training in financial matters and information technology, as a result of which the assistant manager and treasurer was arrested, while manager Águeda de Pina was suspended from her post. Rodrigues was also fired by the bank.

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