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TACV posted 65 million escudos in losses in 2010, according to CEO 29 Fevereiro 2012

The outgoing CEO of TACV Cabo Verde Airlines, António Neves, said on his Facebook page that the company had posted losses of 65,000,000 escudos in 2010 – results that, according to him, may be considered to be positive, in comparison to the losses of 814 million and 241 million escudos registered in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

TACV posted 65 million escudos in losses in 2010, according to CEO

“I have just signed ACV’s Accounting Report for 2010, with negative net revenues, after adjustment for the costs supported by the delivery of the B. Leza, of 65 million escudos. I repeat, a loss of 65 million escudos. For those who have been going around propagating the theory that TACV has been poorly administered, I remind them that in 2008, the losses amounted to as much as 814 million escudos, and in 2009 went down to 241 million escudos. Numbers are what count, and they speak for themselves! Fortunately,” said António Neves in his Facebook post.

There was no shortage of reactions to the post, some of which came from TACV employees themselves, chastising their boss for doing his dirty laundry in public.

Responding to the post, Victor Sacramento Monteiro wrote: “I don’t know what your position in the company is, but don’t you think that this laundry should be washed at home and then officially dried out in the open? I am sure that there are protocols to be followed instead of talking about TACV’s finances by throwing around figures on Facebook.”

For his part, Celestino Carvalho, a TACV Marketing department employee who until recently appeared to support his boss and his now famous public diatribes, added that “dirty laundry is washed at home, but there are those who do it out in the open, using the crassest language possible, to shout their point of view for all to hear.”

“Yes sir, dirty laundry is washed at home!!! Well said! Only in this banana republic does a man like this, who calls himself an ADMINISTRATOR, discuss a company’s private affairs on Facebook. Hey, wasn’t it just a few days ago that this man was shouting in all directions that TACV had shown a profit in 2010?” questions Nuno Santos, another Internet user with his two cents to contribute to the subject.

“Indeed, no one gave him any credence, and thanks to Kity [Finance Minister Cristina Duarte] the truth came out, clear and unequivocal – LOSSES, BAD MANAGEMENT. How take the opportunity and go study how to be an administrator and not an impostor. Damn. IMPOSTOR,” he continued.

In addition to criticism, António Neves’ post received congratulations for his “success.” But what most characterizes the publication is the bitter exchange of words between the Chief Executive Officer and the employees of Cape Verde’s flagship airline, with insinuations about throwing stones and glass houses on both sides.

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