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Tropical storm Fred evolves to hurricane status 31 Agosto 2015

The National Hurricane Center at Florida International University in the United States of America has reported that tropical storm Fred has evolved into a Category 1 Hurricane, with winds of approximately 130 km/h.

Tropical storm Fred evolves to hurricane status

The islands of Sal and Boa Vista, according to the NHC, were affected this Monday morning by an increase in the intensity of winds, which blew at a maximum velocity of 130 kilometers per hour. At 8:00 am, the center of Hurricane Fred was approximately 35 kilometers south of Rabil, on Boa Vista, moving northwest.

Boa Vista’s Aristides Pereira International Airport was closed as a result, and trees were blown over in the city of Sal Rei and in Rabil. On the island of Sal, the strong waves destroyed the Santa Maria dock, a local landmark.

According to the most recent information, the hurricane is moving toward the island of São Nicolau, and is currently some 100 kilometers east of Ribeira Brava, traveling northwest at a velocity of 19 km/h.

Heavy rain and flooding are forecast for the entire archipelago today, especially along coastal zones. According to the National Meteorology and Geophysics Institute (INMG), winds will be accompanied by thunderstorms during Fred’s passage through Cape Verde. Visibility will be low – below 5,000 meters. Winds are expected to surpass 60 km/h.

Hurricanes normally lose strength when approaching Cape Verde, but Fred appears to be an exception. A number of tropical cyclones have passed near Cape Verde, but none of them has ever arrived in the archipelago with hurricane force.

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