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UNTC-CS outlines struggles for 2015 15 Janeiro 2015

Labor union confederation UNTC-CS hopes that the meeting of Cape Verde’s Social Coordination Council will take place before the end of the month, as was agreed. The main points on the meeting’s agenda will be the creation of unemployment subsidies and the revision of Cape Verde’s Labor Code. For 2015, the UNTC-CS foresees a year of struggles to demand the restoration of purchasing power, the payment of National Social Security Institute (INPS) quotas by employers, the payment of income tax rebates and the implementation of career and promotion plans for private-sector workers.

UNTC-CS outlines struggles for 2015

UNTC-CS secretary general Júlio Ascenção Silva affirms that the union confederation will fight for the creation of unemployment benefits as an important measure for the Cape Verdean labor force. He will not, however, agree to debating the issue in exchange for other concessions. “We’re waiting for the government call the meeting of the Social Coordination Council. There are two points to be discussed: the revision of the Labor Code and the creation of unemployment insurance,” he told Cape Verdean National Radio RCV.

Silva stresses that the UNTC-CS has always said that unemployment benefits cannot be seen as a bargaining chip. In this sense, the union confederation is interested in discussing the issue as an important measure for workers.

The UNTC-CS is also opposed to the changes in the Labor Code proposed by the government. Júlio Ascensão Silva believes that, in order for there to be an understanding, concessions will have to be made on both sides. The government’s proposal “is a radical one and, as such, both sides will have to be flexible. We’re willing to reach an understanding with the government and with employers through a process based on dialogue, negotiation, balance and fairness,” he stressed.

The reimbursement of excess income tax paid by workers, the restoration of purchasing power and the guarantee that INPS deductions made on workers’ paychecks will be paid to the institute are considered as the UNTC-CS’s main struggles for 2015.

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